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December 20, 2010

Before Parliamentary sittings wrapped up for 2010, students from Boisdale Consolidated School had the opportunity to tour Parliament House and meet Federal MP Darren Chester.

The local MP caught up with the group, which also attended Question Time in the House of Representatives and Senate as well as spending time with the Parliamentary Education Office, where they participated in a mock version of Federal Parliament.

Mr Chester said being able to speak with local school students about the Parliamentary system among other things is an important task in Canberra.

“Obviously with only around 18 weeks of Parliamentary sittings each year not every school in Gippsland can have the chance every year to attend Parliament while things are in full swing,” Mr Chester said.

“It’s important to try and catch up with as many school groups as I can during sitting weeks. Boisdale was a fantastic bunch of students to talk to and they asked some very good questions of their local Member.

“During their time they had gained a good understanding of the Parliamentary process and I hope they enjoyed the Parliament House experience. I wish them a safe and happy school holidays.”